This is a fabulous project! We want to buy a house in Snodland that our sixth formers can “use” to learn really essential life skills.

Indoor maintenance – everyday things like cleaning, with particular attention paid to bathrooms and kitchens

External maintenance – keeping the lawn and edges neat. Putting bins out for collection

Repairs – learning how to perform simple plumbing repairs – a new washer on a tap, unblock a u-bend. Learning basic repairs on an old window where the putty has become old and loose. Stopping the squeak on an annoying set of hinges

Gardening – grow some flowers and tend some vegetables

Decorating – learn to paint and wallpaper, tile and cove, stencil and sponge

House “admin” – keep an eye out for bills, know what to do when they arrive

Entertain – make coffee & cakes and tea & biscuits and invite friends in to share some good times together.

Help us raise money through Buy-a-brick! by making a donation through our Virgin Money Giving page or by organising your own event. Contact us with your ideas!