THIS is the BIG project! We needed to raise £1,060,000.00 to build a resource that is essential for so many of our students. Our campaign “Create a ripple…MAKE A SPLASH!” was launched at the beginning of 2018 and raised nearly £100,000.00 by engaging the local community – staff, parents, businesses, organisations, schools


You made a HUGE SPLASH! 

We have the support of a major donor:- The Cullum Family Trust have made a substantial donation which. A further £400,000.00 has come from an anonymous donor. We are hugely grateful to the Garfield Weston Foundation, the Peter Harrison Foundation and the Edward Gosling Foundation for their amazing contributions. This secured funding has ensured that this essential resource will now become a reality.

Building work commenced on 6 January 2020 and we should have a completed facility by mid September. With a balance of funding still being sought, we are still making funding applications and would welcome any and all further support.

Hydrotherapy pool build DAY 1! January 6, 2020